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Fantasy Courtroom

12 team, 2 keeper league. Keepers are declared by physically placing them on a draft board in the appropriate position. 1 manager mistakenly placed one of his keepers in the 6th round instead of 4th (was responding to a family emergency and made a mistake no ill will). No one noticed the mistake until after the draft. The board decided to penalize the manager for the mistake by taking away his keeper, taking 75% of his faab budget, and an 8th round pick in the 2020 draft. 1. Is the board’s punishment appropriate?, 2. If not, what would have been appropriate?

I feel like if there are no punishments in your rules then it makes it difficult to punish to the extent that he is getting punished. I would allow him to keep his keeper, but I do like the idea of a FAAB loss. If this is redraft losing a lot of FAAB early will make it difficult to make waiver moves later on. I do not like the loss of a draft pick the next year.

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A Commissioner likely should have verified the keeper picks prior to the draft.

There should be no punishment unless there is a specific rule outlining the infraction and its corresponding consequence. Or a general rule which gives the Commissioner the power to govern the league in unnamed senarios.


Because of the inability to include all possible scenarios in these rules the Commissioner will assume the governing position for the league. If any issues or suggestions come up the Commissioner will determine the correct course of action, gain the approval of the majority of the league, and consequently enforce whatever action is necessary to maintain fair, fun, and honest play.