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Fantasy Draft Position 12 Team PPR


If you could own any spot in a 12 team PPR draft spot, which would it be and why? 1? 6? 12?


Obvious answer would be #1 or #2 to start. DJ or Bell in PPR is beautiful. After that probably as late as I can go but guarantee to get a stud WR. So probably 6 or 7 and anticipate getting OBJ/Evan/Green.


I like 2, 4 and 6 the best

At 2 I take Bell or Johnson
At 4 I take Zeke or Brown
At 6 I take Julio or OBJ


I have the same question for myself, but in a 10 team PPR.

If I don’t have 1 or 2 I think I want as late a pick as possible - 6 or 7 but at that point i’m so close to the turn to always be grabbing 2 players back to back that the turn is tempting as well.

Last year i picked at the 10/11 turn and got 85%+ of the guys I wanted given draft position. I think it makes a draft less stressful in the sense that you don’t have to speculate as much as you would waiting just a handful of picks in between yours.


I am in a redraft league where the previous year standing depicts what draft spot you can choose (i.e. first place gets to choose any draft position, then wild card winner picks their draft position, then 2nd, 3rd, etc.) I won last year and get to select any draft spot in a 12 team standard.I have completed a couple mock drafts to see which rosters I like from drafting in position 1-2 or 5-7 or 10-12.

Drafting at the top I would get a combo of Johnson-Cooper-Hopkins or Bell-Baldwin-Jeffery.
Drafting in the middle I would get a combo of Beckham-Miller-Watkins or Shady-Hilton-Robinson
Drafting at the end I get a combo like Nelson-Howard-Crabtree or Green-Murray-Cooks.

Personally, I am liking drafting at the top. You get your stud RB then load up on those receivers for a few rounds before adding some depth to that RB position. Based on the UDK, it seems like a tier 3 WR is dropping to the end of the second round every time. After the third round, everything is less predictable and you can use the draft tiers to load up talent.


1st or 2nd is the general consensus around here. If neither of those is available then overwhelmingly we all like the middle of the round (6th-7th). Except Judge Giamatti… he said 10th, but we all know he’s a bit off.


As mentioned before, the #1 or #2 spots are really hard to beat.

I favor those two spots, but with DJ and LeVeon Bell both being selected as keepers in the first round… would that change your opinion of where to draft? These owners are likely to select later round spots (#11 and #12) to boost the value of their keeper selection even more.