Fantasy Ethics

Currently 28 points behind w/ Dallas Def & Jonnu Smith to play. Do I drop them today for FA’s (Kirk vsKC wk10, Ind Def vs Tenn wk 11) for next week to avoid the waivers? I’m 4th priority waivers, 12 team Half PPR

Yep, do it.

definitely get Kirk, I am assuming your regular TE is on bye and Dallas gets philly next week so both are expendable.

Only reason not to do it is if your league has a rule that you must field a complete roster.

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To piggy back this if points scored is a tie breaker in your league and your in playoff contention then you need the points for better seeding or possibly a tie breaker

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I’m currently 2nd in points scored so I am not concerned about that. I dont see a rule about setting a full roster so im pretty sure I can skirt that. Its more about the optics of it all, just curious what the Footballers community thinks about it.

wakes up tuesday
Wait, Dallas had a punt return td and 2 defensive scores!?! Jonnu was 8 for 77 and a td??? Noooooo…

Hearing that play out… not gonna happen… Ok yea go ahead and chalk up the loss. On to next week! Lol

That’s the other side of the coin that terrifies me, I’m just putting a flyer out to my commish before it happens.

Can’t wait to be the Al Davis of my league!