Fantasy Football: 10 Tips of Trading Etiquette & Strategy

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It’s officially August and that means only one thing; Fantasy Football drafts! While everyone loves drafting (most players cite it as their favorite part of the fantasy season), trading is typically second on that list. Once the draft has completed, it always amazes me how quickly the trade offers start to fly. One of the…

That’s Peepaw Andy!

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Why are the tips worded in such a bizarre manner? Why not:

  1. Don’t Spam Offers
  2. Open A Dialogue
  3. Avoid Low-balling
  4. Put Yourself In Their Shoes
  5. Consider Your Trade Partners Needs
  6. Don’t Offer Multiple Bench Partners For A Stud
  7. Consider Who The Other Owner Will Have To Drop
  8. Avoid Offering Up Recent FA Acquisitions (Does not apply to FAAB)
  9. Don’t Appraise Players Using Pre-Draft Rankings
  10. Respond To Trade Offers In A Timely Manner

The use of the word “Not” is perplexing. Perhaps this article was originally going to be called “Trading Mistakes To Avoid”? That said, many of the tips were solid, and I enjoyed some of the comedic touch. Keep pumping out the good content.

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Thanks for the feedback!
The original submission was tweaked a bit when edited and posted. Looking back, we should have re-worded a few things to make it flow better as you suggested!
Thanks again for reading, glad you enjoyed it!

Great article. Half the guys in my league violate at least a few of these most of the time, However, one guy clearly stands out above the rest when it come to poor trade etiquette.

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Might be a great time to share the article with the league!