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Fantasy Football: 2-QB & Superflex Strategy


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/draft-strategies-2-qb-superflex-leagues/

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This is a great article. I know for me starting down the superflex path was like walking on the moon. I’m usually in the “take a QB as late as possible” group. But superflex forced me out of my comfort zone for sure.


Think I bombed my draft because I only ended up with Andy Dalton and Tom Brady. So I got AJ McCarron(because I thought he would be traded) and Tony Romo (because everyone said he would be in Houston). Now all the starting qbs are gone except for whoever starts for the Jets. And our draft was an auction draft which was also a first for me


Dalton and Brady is actually a great combo. Handcuffing your QB with his backup is also a solid idea when you don’t land a third QB. You should be fine assuming health.


Just don’t have a backup for bye weeks…I could pick up a jets qb (mckown or hackenburg) or just use a rb or wr in the superflex spot those 2 weeks


Depending on starting lineup and roster construction, using a WR or RB isn’t the worst idea, if you’re stuck with a terrible QB option.


Are any of the free agents (RG3, Kaep, etc.) still sitting on your waiver wire? You could stock up on a bunch of dart throws like them. Between now and the preseason, a few of them are bound to be signed, and you never know what guy (Teddy Bridgewater last season) is going to get injured before Week 1.


Rg3 might be available but I know someone got kaep and someone actually picked up tom savage in our rookie draft today


Unfortunately I read this article too late after my dynasty draft because sure enough Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan were number 2 and 3 off the board and I realized that in a superflex league it literally means 2 QB league except for injury so I had to scramble to find them but I have learned and will persevere later on. Thanks for the article and absolutely dead on with everything.


Good article. My league just voted to change to a SuperFlex league. In order to make it interesting, I attempted to balance out the scoring system so that starting a 2nd QB from the middle tier (QB 18, for example) wouldn’t be an automatic decision over a WR/RB 30. I wanted to get some thoughts from the community on our proposed scoring system:

QB: 1 pt for every 30 yds passing, 4pt per TD pass, -2 for INT, 3pt bonus for 300 yds passing, 5 pts for 400 yds passing

RB/WR/TE: 1 pt for every 10 yds rushing/receiving, -2 for fumbles, 3 pt bonus for 100 yds / 5 pts bonus for 200 yds.