Fantasy Football: 25 RB Statistics from 2018

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What an interesting year for running backs in both in fantasy football and in NFL in general. Seemingly from the moment the New York Giants decided to make Saquon Barkley the #2 overall pick in May’s NFL draft, a debate began to bubble: Do running backs matter? The argument is more based in terms of…

In the stat about fumbles, I’m not sure where you get Clement as the worst fumble rate in the league. 4 fumbles in 65 Carrie’s is 6.1 percent, and Cohen who is mentioned in the same stat with 7 fumbles in 99 carries, would have 6.9 percent. Idk if it’s a typo, or I’m missing something.

7.1 percent for Cohen, sorry.

Nah, you’re right. Good catch. Bad, late night math. Lol.