Fantasy Football: 4 Post-Draft Pick Ups

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Every week, during the fantasy football season, we all work the waiver wire to try and pick up the players that were either cut or undrafted. At that point, you are potentially missing out on a player that no one paid much attention to in the draft but now everyone wants them, driving up the…

It’s about time somebody started the Jeremy Hill bandwagon. He’s the best back in NE and I have a hunch Belichek already knows it. I’m just wondering why nobody seems to love Patterson. 2 players with fantastic skill sets, just waiting for a coach that knows how to bring it out on Sundays

Hill left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth after not living up to expectations in Cincinnati. But it is totally feasible that he ends up having a Blount type of role in NE and could lead to a ton of scores. I’ve got Michel and am hoping he becomes “the man” there. Hill could definitely spoil that party.

Vernon Davis and Alex Smith have done this together before in SF.