Fantasy Football Auction: The 2019 All-Value Team

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Auction drafts are the best, most exciting, most strategic, and most dynamic method for building rosters in Fantasy Football. If you haven’t tried one yet, you need to. When participating in an auction, there is a much higher likelihood of landing “value” players on your team, assuming you’re patient enough to let the draft play…


Thanks for putting together this article. With so many experts in the industry hyping up how great auctions are, there really isn’t much out there that talks about auctions and how to prepare for your season. Even on podcasts all that is talked about are snake drafts where I think auctions are becoming more and more popular and hopefully soon become the norm (just like ppr).

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Agreed! I love auction drafts - I put a vast majority of my prep into my auction league since there are so many more variables. Snake drafts are relatively boring at this point (I still do them and enjoy them, don’t get me wrong). And it would be nice to get more coverage as a whole on auctions. Ndbrue is right - most discussion revolves around snakes despite auctions gaining in popularity. More auction content please!

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Auction drafts definitely need more attention! I’ve been in love with the auction system since i did my first one 3 years ago. They are longer than your typical snake draft but they way i see it, just more fun you get to have especially considering you can get involved in any player that comes up.

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Thank you all very much for the compliments!
We’ve put out some really high quality auction content over the past few seasons, and much of the content is evergreen (if you ignore the player names and focus on the concepts).
Highly recommend my articles on Budget Building and “The art of the nomination”
Myself and fellow writer Eric Ludwig are the “auction” guys for the site. Check out the auction archive and let me know what additional content you’d like to see or see refreshed. We’re always looking to give the people what they want!