Fantasy Football: Auction Value Tiers in 2019

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It’s hard finding good information about auctions. Auction mock drafts are good for understanding the platform you may be doing your auction on, but the values can be skewed heavily by one or two bots. Good solid auction results are hard to come by. Worse are some of the auction values posted by major sites.…

Did I miss Kerryon Johnson in these tiers? Did he really not have an average value of more than $5?

Good catch-big mistake on my part. There’s an entire tier that I missed. Here’s the real RB 5th tier:
Tier 5 RBs|AAV|
Leonard Fournette(JAC)|$27.25|
Sony Michel(NE)|$26.75|
Kerryon Johnson(DET)|$25.00|
Damien Williams(KC)|$23.50|
Derrick Henry(TEN)|$22.50|

Is there a way to get this post updated sometime over the next few weeks?