Fantasy Football: Can Davante Adams Be the #1 WR in 2018?

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It may seem like every season, the same wide receivers are at the top of the ranks. For the most part, this is true, however, there have been 8 different WRs to finish as the #1 wideout in the past 10 seasons. Only two WRs were repeated on this list and they both went back…

A number 1 yes, the number 1? No

Why Not? What give’s him a ZERO chance??

I just dont believe he will stay healthy enough to. I can see him having a few big games, but not enough production to be the overall #1 WR this year.

Also having to face Slay and Rhodes 4 times a year…

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Healthy??? Who are you talking about again? Adams missed 2 games last season and played entire 2016 season. He’s missed a total of 5 games out of 64. And those CBs you mentioned aren’t even elite guys at their position.

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Agree to disagree then. Im my opinion, those two are elite guys at the CB position.

You are right about the fact he hasnt missed a lot of games thus far, but I see two BIG concussions in 1 years as a bad thing. I dont see him staying healthy all year, even if he does, I still dont see him as the #1 over all WR.

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concussions are nothing to mess with and he’s a A LOT. A concussion can realistically shut down a season.

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Fair enuff. I am worried w/Travis Kelce regarding this issue as well. But wouldn’t go as far as “shut down a season.” This not the NBA

You lost me at that last sentence. Rhodes is definitely elite at the position. Probably top 3, at worst top 5. And Slay also emerged as a stud last season. Maybe doesn’t break the top 8 yet but definitely a tough match. If I was starting a WR, I wouldn’t want to see either of those names pop up in the matchup.

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You caught us there, RED HANDED. Dunno where skin was at for that one. Xavier is elite and Slay is probs in the top 10 as well.

WTF?! Haha you’re joking right?

There he is, We meant that you didn’t call that out.

But… I did.

We referring to calling out the comment posted by use saying they are not elite. MikeMe called it out. Neva seen you call that out. All good… At the end of the day, your points here are solid.

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There is next to no path for him to get that kind of workload. Aaron Rodgers has targeted a WR more than 140 times exactly twice, and both were Jordy Nelson, a much, much better player with whom he had a freakish and well documented connection. And that happened twice. In 9 years.

And even if he did get that kind of workload, there’s no evidence that he could deliver the same yardage. Nelson’s career catch % is 65.7% and career ypr is 14.3. Comparatively, the best years of Adams career were 63.2% (2017) and 13.3 (2016). So not only would he have to have an outlier season for am Aaron Rodgers WR, from a target perspective, he’d also have to be a more efficient player than he has ever shown himself to be. All while facing #1 corners every game for the first time.

Good luck with that.


Loving the devante Adams love and feeling good about him as well. That’s why it’s been hard for me to hear a lot of responses on this forum here that people don’t think I should keep him. What are your thoughts !?

3 keepers- 200$ auction . Half point ppr. Note that a lot of top tier rbs are gone as keepers. (Gurley, Hunt, Fournette, zeke, Gordon, Kamara, Freeman, Howard all gone…)

My possibly keepers:

Devante Adams 21$ (Can keep 1 more year for 31$ next year )
Mike Thomas 21$ (Can keep 1 more year for 31$ next year)
Delvin cook 36$ (Can keep 2 more years for 46$ then 56$)
Jerrick mckinnon 11$ (Can keep 2 more years for 21$ then 31$)

Any insight at all would be huge guys! Thanks

Cook thomas adams for me. Not even close.

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Nope . . . To Many Other Targets! Why reach on him?

I would still keep Adams, Thomas, and Cook. I’m not a believer in McKinnon.

Thank you,

-Nate Hamilton

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Appreciate the response! Thank you.

Not a believer in mckinnon. You saved me !!! Rip McKinnon’s acl.