Fantasy Football: Can the Zero RB Draft Strategy Work in 2018?

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If you’ve loitered around the fantasy football cooler long enough, you’ve heard whispers of the “Zero RB” draft strategy. Just saying it seems somewhat sacrilegious. How could you essentially ignore the position widely regarded as the most important in all of fantasy and expect to come out on top? For those of you who aren’t…

Although, I did not plan to go full No RB, I did plan to take WR-WR-WR with my first 3 picks. I am in a 10 team standard league and I drafted Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and Doug Baldwin.
My next move was quite perplexing to most of the league and rightfully so, but Mike Evans fell to me in the 4th round and I drafted him. So these are my 4 WRs.
7/8 of my next picks were RBs, the other non RB pick being Trey Burton who I am largely bullish on.
My Rbs:
Kenyan Drake, Mark Ingram, Dion Lewis, James White, Duke Johnson, Chris Thompson, and Bilal Powell.

I love my draft and feel like I am in a great position to succeed even though I took 4 straight WR in a standard league.

Thoughts on this squad?

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This team is fire!!! Great example of pulling off the Zero RB draft!

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Wondering what position you drafted from? I’ve done several zero RB mock drafts and it seems to work best and very naturally if you draft from 5th position or later.

I often draft 3 WRs in the first 4 rounds, but I admit I’m nervous about finding the value at RB in later rounds. From talking to others who have been trying zero RB, they wouldn’t do it if they draft in the first 4 slots. But if you can draft one of the top 4 RBs and then go zero RB for the next 4-5 rounds, that works pretty well too.

I recently drafted in a PPR league and drafted NO RB mostly because of how the draft fell. AB fell to me as the 5th pick and after that I felt like I would of been reaching for overrated backs as the rest of the league went very RB heavy in the first 3-4 rounds. My team ended up as:
Michael Thomas
Davantae Adams
Adam Thielon
Deshaun Watson (can play a QB in flex)
Zach Ertz
Rex Burkhead
Chris Hogen
Philip Rivers
Bilal Powell
CJ Anderson
Peyton Barber
Legarret Blount
Joey Bosa (IDP)
Seattle D
Adam Vinatieri
I’m optimistically excited about this team but sweating bullets about my RB situation.

Should I look to trade a WR for RB? Or be patient and hit the wire?

That’s SUUUUPER Zero RB. It’s workable, especially if you can start 3 WR. But I wouldn’t mind packaging Hogan and CJ/Powell for an RB2.

Made a post about this myself a little bit ago. Glad to see you guys are thinking about this too:

Also, results from my own zero RB picking from the 10th slot in a 12 man, 3WR, half ppr, superflex keeper start up league:

QB: Big Ben, Mariota, Mayfield
WR: OBJ, Hopkins, Cooper, watkins, Godwin, Miller, Keelan Cole
RB: Miller, Kerryon, Murray, Aaron Jones, Chase Edmonds,
TE: Gronk, Burton, Hunter henry (drafted as an 18th round keeper)