Fantasy Football: Decoding the Top 12 QBs for Week 11

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Here was last week’s top 12 (with the bold being correctly called) in standard 4 points per passing TD leagues… Newton, Cousins, Goff, Beathard, Keenum, Kizer, Brady, Stafford, Wilson, Roethlisberger, Mariota, Manning 7-out-12 is a solid week although it’s humbling when you see names like Beathard, Keenum and Kizer. Each week we look at the varying tiers…

In the podcast you said you would start Keenum but in this article he’s one of the four-get-about-it’s So would you start him or not?

This is my article predicting top 12 (not the Ballers). Keenum is a fine streaming option. He is the Ballers consensus QB15 this week. So streaming wise he’s fine but none of the Ballers have him as a top 12 play as well.

In other words if you have someone available in their top 14 ahead of him I’d say they’re a better option

Ok thanks for the clarification

Would you start Brees over Alex Smith? I keep going back and forth and not sure who to start. The guys believe Smith will be a top 3 QB this week against an awful Giants team. But its hard to justify benching one of the best QBs to play the game, at home, while on a 7-2 team… Thanks for the help!

I’m with you… that is tough. The guys rankings say Smith over Brees. Either one is a great option and they both have great ceilings this week. Brees is my preferred option in my article but you might have to flip a coin honestly.

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