Fantasy Football: Defenses With Favorable Opening Schedules

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I will start this article with a suggestion (and link to my previous article): DON’T DRAFT A DEFENSE. The only exception to this rule is if your league requires you to fill your roster or if you are drafting after the 4th preseason game and teams have made their final cuts. My primary reasoning here…

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I have the Pittsburgh defense but Carolina is sitting on the waiver wire. Which should I grab for week 1 and beyond? Thanks!

What about Rams vs a possibly Luckless Colts? Do they get a bump if Luck misses week one?

I’ve got Min, but they’re facing NO and Brees first rattle out of the box. Seriously thinking about grabbing up Pit which is available on our WW, but figuring after week 5 Min most likely won’t be available. Hard to say. Yeah Min has a pretty solid DEF line, just hate getting a great big goose egg or worse from any starter. ESPECIALLY right off the bat. Prob am just gonna sit on them and see what happens in the first couple of weeks. What do ya think?

CAR looks to have a great opener with SF, but after that weeks 2-6 could be tough. Always a tough one to figure with D/ST’s.

Steelers are great to start off the season

LOL nickknights. I had all but decided to go in and grab PIT D/ST from the waiver, but your comment convinced me. Just got 'em.
NOW…LOL…just hoping I don’t regret giving up MIN. Prob won’t stand a chance in h&ll of getting my hands on them again this season. Oh well…D/ST’s aren’t like a stud RB or WR. At least there’s usually a whole lot less chance of the WHOLE DEF going out with injury. grinning: