Fantasy Football: Defenses With Favorable Opening Schedules

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Last year, I wrote an article encouraging you to forego drafting a DEF/ST if possible. Predicting DEF/ST performance is too inconsistent and the point disparity between the top 12 teams is typically so small that you are better off drafting a lottery ticket WR or RB that you can use for trade bait before the…

So I definitely generally agree with the idea of steaming DEF’s, however I think there are three important factors you need to consider.
First is how many reserve bench spots a league has? Our 20+ year league always had 9, to match the amount of starters. So with 9 bench spots most owners drafted 2 DEF’s. Smart owners, looked ahead like your doing to pick a DEF to start the season, and matched them up to the best predicted match-ups for the first half of year. Of course, other DEF’s got added and dropped, but not as many. Therefore, not many DEF’s available to stream until BYE weeks kicked in.
Second thought, is which DEF has the best predicted opening schedule, with the latest BYE week. Gives you plenty of time to switch them out or make other moves until then.
Third, how much do you factor in wasting FAAB dollars on streaming DEF’s? If most people follow the idea of streaming DEF’s, then you’re now in a high competition to get that juicy DEF match-up, and possibly wasting your FAAB budget.
I think you want to try and stream as few times as possible, but if you have the bench room, then why not consider 2 DEF’s and pair 2 up that compliment each other for the first half of the year, so you can drop the weakest DEF during the BYE weeks, and snag a mid-season surprise player for the whole 2nd half?!

You are 100% correct that league rules affect strategy. Big benches would definitely have me not only roster but draft 2 defenses but that’s not the standard we typically write to. I employ your late bye week strategy in every league in regards to kickers, don’t want to waste FAAB until I absolutely have to. As far as wasting FAAB on defense streaming with competition, unless you play in a crazy savvy league, at most you’re competing with 1 or 2 other owners so the risk is minimal. As long as defenses keep getting drafted in the single digits, I can safely assume streamers are the minority.