Fantasy Football: Early Mock Draft for May 2019

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The most recent episode of The Fantasy Footballers Podcast Andy, Mike, and Jason held their first offseason mock draft of the 2019 season (excluding the dynasty startup draft the did in March). Now that nearly all of the significant free agents have signed and we know all of the rookie landing spots this is the…

In that episode it seemed not all were happy with the back end of their draft. I was wondering if the Ballers would open up about what they would do differently or what they didn’t like about the back end of their 1st mock of the year? I’m sure Andy has something to say about it and it would be good a good learning “Mopportunity”.

I’d need to watch it again but I was sure they mentioned that they would maybe have gone Rams WR if they’d known James White would be available over Lamar Miller in the next round.

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