Fantasy Football Ethics

I just received a trade from someone who is very inexperienced in fantasy football (it’s his first year). This trade involves his DeAndre Hopkins and Aaron Jones for my Austin Ekeler and Sammy Watkins. I feel this trade greatly favors me. I’m a greedy person, but I want him to have a good experience (I’ll still try to win against him) for his first year. What would you do?

I don’t think that’s as imbalanced as you might think. It’s not impossible that Eckler could out perform Jones, and Watkins would out perform Hopkins.

If you like the deal, pull the trigger and see how the league reacts. I don’t think that’s imbalanced enough to warrant a veto or a league wide freak out.

I agree with @WeezerMike with it not being imbalanced. Assuming this league is a 1/2 or full ppr I would rather take Ekeler or Jones (debatable sides do not get me wrong) and obviusly Hopkins over Watkins but Watkins is now the #1 WR and the second target on the most explosive offense. Assuming Watkins stays healthy, you are looking at worst case a top 15 WR, Hill is a big question mark with this injury and can be out more than 4-6 weeks. I would accept it and I consider fantasy football a learning experience, if it goes bad for him he will remember to double think trades.

If you’re really struggling with the ethical end ask them to talk you through why they want that trade.

But I think it’s a fine trade. You win season long but they will get some decent weeks on that too.

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