Fantasy Football: Five Rules Every Commissioner Should Follow

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Running a fantasy league is a whole lot of fun, but it’s also more work than people realize. If you make the decision to put on the commissioner hat for the first time it’s typically because your friends, family or coworkers are interested in playing and look to you to kick things off. The good…

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Great article. I love all the new writers/contributors to the site!

I’m the commish of a league entering its 10th season. We have had relatively little turnover, and vacillated between 12 and 16 teams, but it IS difficult to constantly keep things fresh. We tried the past couple years by splitting the league into 2 “conferences” and having 2 independent 8-team drafts and those respective champs meeting in our “Super Bowl”.

But we’ve lost a couple long-time members and will be embarking on a bigger league.
Can eliminating K’s be the tweak that makes things fresh for us again?
(Currently: PPR w/ explosive play bonuses, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, K, D/ST)

Thanks for your hard work!

Finalizing my keeper leagues scoring and looking for confirmation.

Do ballers prefer 4 or 6 point passing TDs? The article mentioned 4 point; however, “the ballers preferred league format” mentions 6 points in the screenshot scoring and .1 per completion and carry.

Please advise!

I had issues with unfair trades a couple years ago in a friend league that was becoming a problem. I changed the trading rule to an chance for the entire league to counter trade offers and did it ever get a lot of work! I would post a pending trade and if anyone had a problem they could simply counter with a better offer!

So if Team A sends a trade offer to Team B, the whole league gets an opportunity to send a counter to Team A using Team B’s roster?

It looks like only the players involved in the trade from Team B, not the entire roster.

If you made a trade with team b I would post it in our chat and everyone else could make their own counter to either team from their own roster.

So when we had managers all upset about 2 teams making a trade and wanting them vetoed they could instead say I’ll give you XYZ. We had some crazy negotiation from it and saved some newbies from getting taken advantage of