Fantasy Football: How To Strategically Manage Your Money In DFS

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I certainly don’t claim to have all of the answers in any aspect of life, especially fantasy football. Luckily, I believe in growing and learning from past mistakes. That’s exactly what happened in 2017. The light bulb came on for me regarding the bankroll management aspect of DFS and I’m here to share those principles…

Hi Ben
To clarify, you are selecting one lineup construction for the large cash slate and entering that exact lineup multiple times to hit the total cash (80%) you want in cash games that week?

Yes that’s basically the concept! I look for the largest field double up possible. And then I’ll sprinkle in about 20% for GPPs.

Haven’t played DFS in about two years, revisiting this article and other strategy articles. Is this still the approach you take? Take one lineup and submit it multiple times for cash? Or do you ever submit multiple different lineups in cash in case you miss. Is it the same strategy for you in Tournament, or do you tend to spread out multiple lineups?


Thank you for the read! My strategy is still very similar. I submit one lineup in cash. The rare exception to that is if you feel strongly about multiple plays and submit two cash lineups, but both of those would have at least 7 of the same plays.

However, the strategy should be completely different in tournaments. You want as many options as possible to finish at the top. With that said, you can still keep a core 4-5 player list for most or all of those tournament lineups. You do want some differentiation in tournaments though.