Fantasy Football: Josh Doctson Checks All The Boxes

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Fantasy football is supposed to be fun and admittedly thinking of Josh Doctson blowing up in 2018 is exactly that for this Day 1 truther. Do I want it to happen? Absolutely. Can it happen? Let’s dive in. Want all the Reception Perception info on Josh Doctson? Buy the Ultimate Draft Kit to get data…

Do you believe $$$ Josh Richardson got and the jameison crowder hype is concerning for Doctson’s breakout? Doctson has always been fun to watch, but the injury concerns and target share have me hesitant to buy in.

My personal belief is that Josh Doctson will not be competing with Jamison crowder for targets. Jamison crowder runs the underneath routes from that slot position, and crowder competes with Jordan Reed for targets (crowder pretty much becomes useless once reed is playing because all the targets go to reed). For me, I don’t buy into the $$$ that teams give to players, especially players from other teams is a large factor for playing time. At the end of the day, the coaches will play the best person available. What im planning on doing is watching the preseason situation and look for whoever (between Richardson and Doctson) has the greater rapport with Alex Smith.

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