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Fantasy Football: Midseason WR Review


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/fantasy-football-midseason-wr-review/

Before the 2017 season began, we came up with an article series called “The Path to WR1 Fantasy Season” to highlight some “unlikely” players to be a WR1 this year. We highlighted 10 different wide receivers in that series and through the first 8 games of 2017, only 1 of them are actually ranked as…


Broken link. The WR chart isn’t showing like it was with the top RB article. I haven’t read the other ones yet but thought I’d let you know.


When the news broke that Watson was out, I knew Hopkins would drop in value. I traded him. I don’t trust that offense rest of season with savage steering that ship. If things didn’t turn for the worst Hopkins and Fuller would be in the top 10