Fantasy Football: Mike's Ultimate Value Hitsquad for 2018

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After Andy paraded around the office showboating about his latest 32 Shamelessly Bold Predictions article, I thought it was time for the verified version of FFHitman to get in on the writing action before the season starts. The hit squad is made of an elite group of my favorite players per round based solely on my projections…

I drafted M Gordon, A Cooper and E Sanders, so am I just a 20% Hitman?

Ha … 11th pick of 12 team. Cooper, Lynch, Kupp … and Clement in the final round! Then dropped Westbrook for Cole after the draft. 33% Hitman value squad.

Like Paul, I got Gordon, Cooper (4th rd), Sanders (8th rd), and Cole off waivers as soon as the Lee news hit. I didn’t see your post until right now. I guess I need to grow the beard and get a tattoo of Jeremy Hill just to then cover it up. Then the transformation will be complete.

I draft from the 1.08 in a 10 man half ppr and I have been dying while deciding between Saquon Melvin and Hopkins assuming all 3 fell to me. Any advice? I lean Melvin especially as he gained the Hitmans favor but it’s hard to pass on Saquads or the #1 receiver in fantasy with Watson back.

I’m assuming these are based on their 12 team half point ppr projections. How can I use this information if I were drafting in a standard league?

Also, does this mean Mike prefers Melvin Gordon over Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell and David Johnson or anyone ahead of Melvin?