Fantasy Football: Narrowing the Field to Find 2019's George Kittle

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The concept of this series was birthed from a couple of conversations with the Footballers asking the question, “If we could go forward in time (essentially Back to the Future), what breakouts would emerge at each position“? This was the main topic of the most recent Live Show in San Francisco, the Fantasy Time Machine. Before…

Fitz has never had a tightend with Gesicki’s skill set? Maybe not, but to imply fitz has never had a tightend that is ultra-talented is simply stating something to be right, not to get it right. OJ Howard may be the most talented tightend in the league, right now.

Other than that, great article! And I enjoyed the read… keep em coming!

The next Kittle is Kittle. Hes going to break every TE record and make Gronk look like a joke. Shanahan designes plays around his best players to get them the ball in space. His best player is Kittle. Kittle goes from a 3rd stringer to a real QB. Kittle goes from the sole focus of the D to a balanced O. Kittle is the next Kittle.