Fantasy Football: Narrowing the Field to Find 2019's Robert Woods

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The concept of this series was birthed from a couple of conversations with the Footballers asking the question, “If we could go forward in time (essentially Back to the Future), what breakouts would emerge at each position“? This was the main topic of the most recent Live Show in San Francisco, the Fantasy Time Machine. For…

So you’re postulating Ted Ginn is the number two in NO? Tre-Quan has the abilities of a solid fantasy WR3 and WR2 upside if he gets his shot. Would you draft Ginn over Tre-Quan?

Calling the Bengals and Cardinals “High-Powered Offenses” is insane. The Cardinals have a shit tier o-line, a rookie QB the size of a cereal box toy, and a consistant failure of a head coach. Please explain how they are anything more than a turd tied to a hype train? If Arizona goes 0-16 and Murray and Co. get dumped for Tua and a real HC I wont be surprised. The Bengals have a trash o-line, a crippled WR1, and a new system that is kind of maybe a little bit similar to something like the Rams. This reminds me of that reject Lombardi going to Detroit to bring the NO system there.

BTW I love both wideouts and think they will breakout. I think that because they look fantastic on the field, not because of a hypetrain about their teams.