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Fantasy Football Pet Peeves, Hype Train + UDK Release


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/podcast/fantasy-football-pet-peeves-hype-train-udk-release/

Fantasy Football Podcast for June 1st, 2017. On today’s show, Andy, Mike, and Jason reveal their biggest fantasy football pet peeves. There’s plenty of hype news coming out- find out if the guys are jumping on the hype train or not. Finally, there are a number of great listener questions to be answered. Prep your…


@JasonFFL did you say that your main league does not use a snake draft? Why not? How does that work and still be fair to all?


Yeah, because we’re a keeper league we go reverse standings every single round.


Should all keeper leagues work this way? This is blowing my mind. Just seems that this would be way out of balance. My main league has just converted to a keeper league. This is our first year actually with a keeper from last season. Do you recommend moving away from snake then?


I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that anyone go away from snake drafts in a keeper league, but I can say that it doesn’t throw things out of balance. Usually the best teams every year have the best keepers (and are usually the better players). So that means the teams with worse keepers and perhaps less talent get to have slightly better picks each round. The point actually is balance.