Fantasy Football Prize Pools?

There is a type o f prize pool im thinking of, and I can’t truly remember how its done, or what its called, but essentially a piece of each player’s entry goes into a pool and that pool is awarded to a Fantasy Champ that wins a consecutive title.

Does this make sense? Can you give be a good breakdown?

I was thinking (assuming a 100$ entry, 10 man league) that 5$ goes to the pool each year basically - 50$ into the pool per year.

Thanks for the info/help

Empire leagues do that (and they also fold after someone wins back to back)

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Do they fold when the leagues are made among friends, or are you basing that experience on Random empire leagues?

Thank you for the reply

They don’t always fold. Other times, they simply restart (draft again) and continue till somebody wins twice in a row.

The league itself ends after someone wins back to back because the prize pool is gone and that’s how it works by design. But if you’re in a league with a great group of people, you can just start a new startup draft which is essentially a different league.

Fair enough To be honest I am still putting it up to a vote so it may not go anywhere just wanted to get more opinions on if its a decent enough idea.

But im hoping that my group of friends will roll with it after a consecutive winner has won the pot.