Fantasy Football PSA regarding sportsmanship

Don’t ever go out of your way to be a good sport in Fantasy Football, you might end up really regretting it.

Last year, when presented with an opportunity to let a much easier opponent into the playoffs, while simultaneously eliminating what would become a much more difficult playoff matchup for myself, I chose to be a good sport and give the better team a fair shake. I eliminated the patsy from playoffs by starting my best roster and crushimg him in the deciding game. Had I rolled out a turd lineup, I could have intentionally lost and secured a playoff round against his truly inferior team. If given that opportunity, let the soft team in. I ended up losing my playoff by like 4 total points over the 2 week round. To make matters worse, I absolutely annihilated every other team’s 2 week total in what would have been our superbowl round.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson…just this week I found myself in a position to clinch a playoff berth as I was cruising to an easy victory. All I needed was for my division mate to lose and I’m in and chilling until the playoffs. With the 4 o’clock games about to start, things are looking really good for me and my playoff hopes. The team I need to lose, is losing comfortably and his opponent still has Rivers, Gurley and Gould to play. The team I need to lose has Wentz, Saquon and Randall Cobb left. Yeah, Randall Cobb, who had been listed as out since 2:56 that afternoon. It’s now like 4:17 and the team I want to lose still has Cobb in his lineup, the games start at 4:25.

Like a dumbass, I text him to let him know that he’s an idiot and that Cobb is out and that he needs to get Rashaad Penny in immediately (his only available player). He makes the switch at 4:24 and writes back how it won’t matter anyway and that his season is over, boohoo. I kind of agreed as Penny even without Carson had shown nothing and still felt pretty confident that he would be eliminated.

I guess I felt guilty knowing he was starting a deactivated player and then not saying anything. That was really stupid, don’t ever do that, unless it helps you of course. So, without a doubt, Penny has a career day and Rivers a mediocre day, while even by Gurley’s standards his day was somewhat muted by the potential pts left on the field due to McVay’s gameplan. So, the games conclude and the team that once seemed like a lock to lose (and surely would have, had Cobb remained in the lineup) is now down only 9 pts (Penny scored 21 in our league) with Saquon left in his lineup and Gould in the other teams lineup. At this point I basically assumed that I took away what should have been my best opportunity to clinch an early playoff spot and felt like an idiot. Which is how I should have felt cause what I did was idiotic. Luckily, Saquon had his worst night of the year and Gould put up a decent line and in this case, enough pts to hold the Saquon owner off. Phew.

Getting to the playoffs is all that matters in regards to your season odds of winning a championship. Anything can happen and usually does, so just making the playoffs is huge and also necessary to win a league. Don’t feel a moral need to alert teams of roster holes or don’t feel bad for resting your starters to let an easier opponent take the place of a more difficult one. Close matchups are not the goal, you want to hopefully destroy the opponent and cruise to a comfortable victory. Do whatever you can within the rules to win. Period. As long as you’re not breaking the rules do whatever it takes because you never know what will happen, I gave a championship to a team last year and it still didn’t sink in until I nearly just did it again. Don’t be me.