Fantasy Football Research Thread

Hi FootClan!

My name is Paul (aka Dr. Football), and I work as a researcher at the University of Stirling, all the way over in Scotland, United Kingdom.

I’ve asked the guys if I can set up this thread as a way of recruiting participants for my research into fantasy sports, and those who play them.

I am currently looking to talk to hardcore fantasy football players about the reasons why they play fantasy, in particular if they use fantasy football as some kind of “escape” mechanism.

All my research is conducted in interview formats, so I’d be looking for guys and girls who would be willing to talk to me over Skype/Phone for around 30 minutes or so about their experiences of fantasy football as a way of “escaping”.

If you would be interested in taking part, then please send me a message through this forum, or contact me on

I would greatly appreciate any help the FootClan can give on this, and future research projects I will be doing.

Thanks again to the guys for letting me post this, and I hope to speak with some of you soon.

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