Fantasy Football: Should Kickers Get the Boot?

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I’ve never really been excited for kickers in fantasy football. As a result, I’m not in a single league that features a kicker position. A part of me wanted to look into why that is and why some people still love having kickers as part of their leagues. Are their points predictable or quantifiable? How…

It depends on the kicker. Just like for example if you were to have the third WR on a team because the team has a high power offense, so too you pick a kicker with a good offense. For example, last year I had gotten Greg Zuerlien. This was on purpose due to the fact that I knew their offense would move the ball, so he would have the opportunity to score more often. On some teams where they have a lot of three and outs, you know that their kicker probably won’t get a lot of chances. You also base it off of previous success. Some kickers get more opportunities at farther distances due to their past success. They are definitely not exciting but just like on any given day the best RB can have a ad game (i.e. Gurley getting 4 points last year in a game) so too a kicker can also.

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I agree. The position is more volatile than the rest, however. Very hard to predict and not enough point difference between the top 12 to make a significant impact on your leagues with kickers.

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The different is not very different between about 3-12, but the top 2 are usually a step above and that can be determined based off of the offense. For example, last year Zuerlien was well above others and they had the highest powered offense, and in 2016 Matt Bryant was the well above and the Falcons had the highest powered offense that year. Thats usually what happens with kickers. Then there are certain guaranteed ones that are always in the 4-6 range like Gostkowski. Its a guessing game with some, but the top ones are pretty easy to get a hang of.