Fantasy football Stat Fact about 55!

Philadelphia vs Miami Week 13

Wentz 28/48, 310 YDS, 3TDs, 1 INT
Fitzpatrick 27/39, 365 YDS, 3TDs, 1 INT

Total number of passing attempts 55!
The difference between total passing yards 55!

Wentz 25.4 Fp on FD
Fitzpatrick 27.8 Fp on FD
Total 53.2 Wait for it…
Difference between score 2.4

25.4+27.8+2.5…Yup…It’s 55!

Below is a link to Carson wentz’s football trading card on Amazon, the card number… that’s right its 55!

I’m not sure what this all means besides I need to find a different Hobby I’ll let you guys figure it out.

Love the show…

Also this…If you can see it…