Fantasy Football Strategy: 4 Ways to Draft QBs in Superflex & 2QB Leagues

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Every year, more and more leagues are switching to the “Superflex” setting. In a Superflex, league, owners start the traditional QB position, but they can also start a second QB in the Superflex position. Where a traditional flex position is limited to RB, WR, or TE, the Superflex position throws QBs into that mix. Based…

Nice article. If any one reading this and like a nice reference for 2 QB league. I like using

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We switched to 2QB three years ago. It changes everything and we love it. 1QB is just boring now.

Because we are 2QB and not Superflex, in our 10 team league we limit the number of QBs on a team to 3. If we up the limit to 4 some teams will not be able to roster a QB some weeks. 30 QBs are rostered at all times.

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Perhaps consider allowing a 4th QB only if it is a second QB from the same team (IE Fitzpatrick/Rosen)

Is it suggested to draft 3 QBs in a 10 team superflex or just draft 2 and fill bye weeks with other positions?

These ADPs for 2 QB are not at all accurate. They are way, way off. There hasn’t been a single draft I’ve been in this year that has Murray going in the 8th.

I would want 3 starting QBs rostered at all times in a Superflex/2QB league.

Which ADPs are you referencing? The article was written in May, so the ADPs in that article are likely outdated. Focus on the processes, not the names/ADPs.

Ah makes more sense!