Fantasy Football Strategy Report

This summer, I interviewed over 80 fantasy football players, many champions on how they play fantasy football. Their insights on how to win are available in the 62 page report, “Fantasy Football Strategy Report - The Insider Playbook”.

Insights include these champions’ insights about:

  • Why they have been so successful at fantasy football
  • Draft strategies
  • Draft preparation
  • Starting line-up strategies
  • Waiver wire strategies
  • Trade strategies
  • Other secret winning strategies
  • Fantasy football blind spots
  • What they think is the biggest lie in fantasy football
  • Why fantasy football teams consistently lose
  • How the 2019 season will be different
  • Strategies they want to learn more about
  • Who they would select if they had the #1 pick
  • Top sleeper picks
  • Their fantasy football superstitions
  • and more…

Also includes their intriguing answers to the question: “To be a fantasy football champion, you must…”

Its been about 10 years since I wrote my book “Fantasy Kick: How to leverage the networking opportunities of fantasy football to give your career the kick it needs”
and just want to see how these new insights resonate with my fantasy football peers so I am giving away the report.

Again - its free. You can get your copy here: :

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Good luck to all this season.

-Michael Henby