Fantasy Football Strategy: Roster Construction-Based Rankings – Mock Draft

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Some of the most popular episodes of the Fantasy Footballers Podcast are the Mock Draft shows. Listening to Andy, Mike, and Jason talk through their draft plan and the strategies they use to achieve the best team possible is always a fan favorite. For this article, I’m going to use my “Roster Construction-Based Rankings” draft…

I love this strategy. I think the emergence of apps have taken the edge away from value based drafting since everyone is doing it now. This is a great way to get that advantage back. Do you have your draft plans available for us to put into excel or google sheets and edit them, as needed?

Thank you for the compliments!
I won’t be posting anything detailed plans on this, the goal of the article was to show readers how they could create their own custom draft plans using this process. The intro laid out the process and the positional breakdowns highlighted a few draft strategies that I would recommend reading and then building your own. Start off using the Baller’s published rankings, then adjust to your personal taste. Move a player from one spot to another, shift around players between the roster requirements until you find a plan that is comfortable to you, then run it through some mock drafts for practice!

Hey new to UDK, what tool are you using to keep your tiers ranked and mark off during a draft?

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I’m old school! I print out a cheat sheet for my drafts and cross players off as we go. Somethings just can’t be replaced by tech!