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Fantasy Football: The Case Against Kenyan Drake


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/fantasy-football-the-case-against-kenyan-drake/

This article is part of The Fantasy Court series, be sure to check out The Case For Kenyan Drake by Keaton Denlay (@keatondenlay) Check out where Andy, Mike, and Jason have Kenyan Drake projected in the Ultimate Draft Kit. Opening Statement Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I am standing before you today — and…


Wow, Kalen Ballage is a large man… considering his 6’2″, 288-lb frame. Just saying 288 lbs, he must really be pounding those Double Stuffs Jason Moore style~


Nearly everything that had happened this season has pointed to Drake being heavily involved (as in the clear lead), and if you’ve watched film (and I see no evidence that you have), the talent is unmistakable. Gore is a corpse. Will he get work? Sure. Is it a timeshare? Sure.

Here’s the problem. There are maybe 5-6 backs who AREN’T in timeshares. Where’s this concern about Cook? Murray is a much better player than Gore at this point. Where’s this concern with Kamara? Ingram is a better player than Gore has been in the better part of a decade. If you’re going to point to less talented backfield mates as a reason to be skeptical of a third round RB, at least apply those concerns consistently.

As for Kalen Ballage, he’s an afterthought. A developmental project at best. There’s a better chance he’s cut before the start of next season than that he seriously challenges Drake for any significant role.


I’d also be willing to bet that the Dolphins and Texans are within two wins of each other this year.


Loool, good catch, I’ll get the bosses to fix that!!


I talked about Drake’s explosiveness and talent, so I clearly have watched the film. If you noticed, none of my arguments had to do with a lack of talent as a runner.

You can say Gore’s a corpse, but people have said that for the last 5 years. And he still got signed to a $1mil+ deal by a professional NFL team, so I think he can run just fine.

Cook is a better back than Drake on a FAR better team, same with Kamara. That’s why I even named guys BEHIND Drake that are more reliable as well.

And Ballage is polarizing as a prospect, I’ll give you that. But he’s not getting cut. Even had a nice TD run in the fourth preseason game. But it doesn’t have to be a significant role. It just has to be enough of a role to keep Drake healthy but reduce his workload well below workhorse status.


I’ll take that! Water bet?


Gladly. They are incredibly overrated.


People have been right for several of those years. High volume on a team with no other options has kept him relevant.

This is going to come off as a hot take, but honestly, I think this is debatable (not the better team part). Drake is pretty incredible. Great quickness, great acceleration, and genuinely elite long speed. I also think Murray takes way, way more work than Gore.


Are you on Twitter? Let’s lock this in :grin:


I am. I think I just followed you (if not, I creepily followed some rando).


Your argument is for Drake to not be considered an RB1. Just because Miami isn’t great doesn’t mean they won’t run the ball. They upgraded the oline and get Tannehill back, that will make the offense better, and if the defense isn’t good that only brings Drake more catches. At this point in their careers I think Miami wants Drake catching passes over Gore. The Dolphins ran the ball about 23 times a game last year. Even if they don’t increase that number which I think that will increase. Giving 15 to Drake, that gives 8 to Gore, which looks about right especially looking at where Gore is at in his career. That is 250 carries on the season, add in about 30 catches (which is low) and you have 280 touches. With Drakes talent that should easily give him enough for RB2 #’s. Plus you are saying Cook is better based on his four games last year? It is impossible to say which is better at this point in their careers. Let’s see what they look like after this season, with hopefully both of them remaining healthy. Just watch Drakes game against the Pats last year, that game alone shows that Drake is a pretty talented RB.


I think that the only relevant factor when discussing Drake for 2018 is Gase’s bullheadedness. He seems like the type of coach who just refuses to assess and adjust. He gets something in his head and he locks onto it, regardless of the impact over time. For instance, last year he had took strong positions on keeping Cutler under center and getting rid of Ajayi, both were disastrous decisions. This year, he’s got it in his head that Drake is the uncontested workhorse and I think he will ride that decision into the ground regardless of performance or the toll on Drake’s body. So, bottom line for me is that Drake is a high-end RB2 based on sheer volume, noting that I’m in 2 leagues this year and own him in neither. I think he’s a very good value compared to his ADP.


So… how we feeling about this Houston v. Miami thing?