Fantasy Football: The Commissioner's Guide to League Formats

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If you’re thinking of starting and commissioning a fantasy football league, but are overwhelmed by all the different formats, settings, and styles, welcome to this nifty guide! We’ll go through just about every major format decision facing a new commissioner and help you decide what works best for you! If you’re an everyman league member…

Also do the math! I’m a Commissioner for 3 different types of league. First decide how many teams you will have in your League, then figure out how many position players you want Qb/Rb/Wr/Te/K/Def ect. Then what kind of bench and reserve spot you may have. Add it all up and see if it viable for math for you. Use that number find your ADP chart and decide if you want you league to go that deep. I have a six team league that only uses a total of 84 players, a eight team league that uses a total of 144 players and a 12 team league that uses a total of 144 players. i personally like to keep it under a 150 players. (When talking about player positions in my leagues I don’t employ kickers and I include the Defense when I talk about players.) Two of my leagues are 2 QB and one is a Superflex. Just remember that there is 32 football teams in the NFL. Make a league accordingly and fair to everyone.

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Definitely a great move! Thoughtful commissioners who actually put in effort to make the league balanced are the best!

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Yes, thank you. Everyone wants to be competitive, And that what I keep in mind when I make a league. It also needs challenging and fun.

What’s a good FAAB to set?

First off, GREAT question, makes me wish I had covered FAAB vs Std. waivers! Standard is usually $100 or $200, but I personally like $1000. It’s all a percentages game anyway but $1000 adds a bit more flair and opens the bids to more variety and therefore strategy!