Fantasy Football: Three Wide Receivers You Can Trust in 2018

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Before you dive into the three wide receivers you can trust in 2018, I’d like to clarify why I’ve chosen the players below. If I just said “You can trust Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, and OBJ”, that would be absolutely no help to you. My goal here is to help make a decision on players drafted…

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Totally agree with Agholor and Tate. Agholor just keeps getting better and Tate is too consistent to not trust. I don’t like Crowder though. He always seems to be a let down. I’d probably still draft him if he comes at a good value, but I don’t know if I can say I trust him to be productive for a full season. Around that same pick (7.10) I find Kupp or Corey Davis more trustworthy than Crowder.

I like these three and the arguments for them make sense. Crowder wasn’t really on my radar but you’ve changed that. Gets me thinking a lil bit.

Depending on the rankings and ADP being looked at, there are some other receivers I might try first; Robby Anderson or Marquise Goodwin, etc.

Thanks for the article.