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Fantasy Football Tiers and Music to enjoy while working!


Hey Footclan!

I am curious to pick your guys brain about how you guys personally do Tier systems and how you set them up. I get the gist of it but I am always curious how others get theirs set up. I usually use a legal pad rather than my computer but I don’t know if there is a easier way to do it on the computer that I haven’t looked at.

Also I wanted to throw out into the #footclan-community a new band that is from Kansas City called Bane Union! If you guys like rock, punk and a little funk they are the band for you! They just released their first album and I wanted to try and help them get off the ground. You can find them on iTunes: Oi! by Bane Union

As well as Facebook!

Enjoy the post and let me know what yall think about getting Tier systems set up! Thanks!