Fantasy Football: Use Caution When Drafting the Oakland Raiders

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Back in January, the Oakland Raiders answered a question that many teams had asked over the last 10 years: How much money would it take to get Jon Gruden out of broadcasting? The answer: (Dr. Evil voice) $100 million. The football world was set ablaze with speculation and excitement…but why? Sure, Gruden is an excellent…

Why would you only look at Grudens time on Tampa when the team he took over a defensive minded team. When he was in Oakland the first time the team was a top offensive team supporting 2 WR, brown and rice, and 2 RBs, gardner and Wheatley. I’m not sure Gruden is the negative rin first coach many are making him out to be. Too much emphasis has been placed on his time in Tampa, as opposed to what he did in Oakland.

You make a fair point but that was also 17+ years ago. I focused on the most recent data available. As far as them being a defensive minded team…he was still the coach, it was still his team. When it comes to the Oakland WR, that was the one time in his coaching career he had 2 good WR…and one was the GOAT. This Oakland team is not that Oakland team. It’s also not that TB team. But since we know very little about what this team is with Gruden, I feel like every one of their ADP represents a risk.