Fantasy Footballers Premier/Tiered League (Filled)

Would anyone be interested in attempting to start a sprawling FFBallers Tiered league? Ideally we’d want between 24-48 participants with the first year’s spots assigned at random, second year based on first year performance, and subsequent years based on promotion/relegation.



It sounds like it would need a committed and trustworthy commissioner. I would participate. So 48 owners would be 4 levels of 12 teams? After the first season, the top 3 in each league could go to league A, 4th through 6th to league B etc. Then, in year 3 you could just raise top 2 and drop bottom two at each level.

Something like that, yes (my current tiered league does top 4 or top 3 plus champion; bottom 4).

The biggest challenge for a commissioner is keeping the rules uniform, so a written set of rules is key. Otherwise each division has their own commissioner and the league has a commissioner from there.

I’m in.

Dooo it.

I’ve got plans to launch a tiered/premiere league on Monday. Finishing up the setup & rules over the weekend. Happy to team up and join forces, if you’d like!

Mr. ButterFace I am in… email me when you have the full rules and settings of everything.

Gladly. I think the rule sheet I wrote for that league might already be posted, but it covers most of the basics.

Looks awesome, get me on the list!

I am very interested, commited owner, if you got spots let me know

This sounds really cool. I’d love to take part.

Since I can’t just create a league page, here’s a sign-up sheet. Goal is to get 24+. Let’s do this.

@Mr_ButterFace @pprranks @jeff_q @Nhlhitz7 @morestagedives @theowlman16

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Your plan is top 4 are in the prem, middle 4 go to the 2nd tier and bottom 4 go to the basement?

3 teams go up and 3 go down?

2 finalists and the 3rd place winner go up and bottom 3 go down?

Added my info to the doc!

This would be something new for me but sounds pretty awesome. I’d be interested in hearing more please

Technically, right now, there is no plan. For the first year it would probably be:

  • 24/36/48 teams randomly placed between the 2/3/4 divisions

  • Top 6/4/3 move to the premier league for 2018; Middle 6/4/3 move to the 2nd Tier; Next 4/3 to the 3rd Tier; Bottom 3 to the 4th tier (48 teams)

Advancement in subsequent years would like be:

  • Top 3 + Champion move up to the next tier (plus the 4th place team if the champion comes from the top 3)

  • Bottom 4 drop to the next tier down

Alternatively we could have ways for the lowest tier winner to move to the premier league, etc. Once we have an accurate head count I’ll work out the mechanics and tweak the generic rules template accordingly.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @ffballers display help.

Add yourself to the google doc posted above. It’s not a commitment per se- just trying to check interest and prepare to progress.

UPDATE: We’ve got enough for one division thus far. Let’s keep building.

I put my info in the google docs. I hope that is ok. My email is

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