Fantasy Footballers Premier/Tiered League (Filled)

I think after the first year you’d have to populate the “Premiership” with the winners/top 2 from each division and the next top X overall scores regardless of division. After the initial sorting, you can have top 3 teams in each division advance and the bottom three get relegated, but you need a good sorting for the first year otherwise you have disproportionately arduous paths to get to the top division.

Is this going to be a keeper league of some fashion?

Once we have the final numbers we’ll figure out the sorting. Whether we have 24, 30, 36, etc., will impact how we should sort.

Keepers can’t really work because of the moving pieces.

True. You’d have four teams keeping David Johnson.

I would like to join this league

Name added to doc. I think this is a great idea.

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I’m interested in this

Add yourself to the google doc please.

Hello bd,I’m new to this.are u talking to me or someone else about adding to the docket.again I would like to b in this league.thanks Denny Doerr

Sample of how promotions would look with three division:

Auto Promotions: Top-2, Champion, and Most-Points (reg. season).
If there’s overlap between categories, promotions will shift to 3rd and 4th place respectively. Similar rules apply to movement to the 2nd and 3rd tier.

For a 2-division split, similar rules apply: Top-4 + Champion + Top Scorer with 5th/6th moving up on overlap.

For 4-divisions, Top-2 + Champion with 3rd place promoting on overlap (no top points promotion)

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Added my name to the google doc. Email is

Im in. Info added to doc.!

Bumping the link down. Second Division is almost full. Let’s go for three. How do we coax the hosts and Brooks into joining? @Doubled5

Name added. This is such a great idea to apply the promotion/relegation system to FFB!

@BDMedema Do you envision there being entry fees and prizes or purely for bragging rights? Also, if we get it to 3 divisions and interest for the league picks up, would you add a 4th league/division or would you start a waiting list and the bottom teams in the 3rd tier would lose their spot and we would let in teams from the wait list?

In any event I’m definitely in!

So I am willing to add leagues up to when it becomes unreasonable to draft. If that means 4 divisions or 5 division- I’ll take it and come up with the plan to adjust the system.

As for prizes, etc, I’d like to have a small entry fee and small, one time trophy “tax”. Once the numbers stabilize, I’ll pitch a survey for everyone to give their input though (I’m a law clerk- not a dictator…yet).

Also, in the spirit of soccer, I’m debating adding a secondary tournament revolving around weekly, head to head DFS competitions where the winner gets a premier league spot.

Also, we’ve passed the two league point


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Would someone else be able to add me to the doc because I can’t seem to edit it on mobile? Rhys G

@rehzeh done and done.

Signed up, sounds great!

How do i sign up ?

Got you covered @Rab_Biggs.

Currently at 33 owners, so we’re just a few away from a third-division filling up. I will likely cap it at 4-division (48 teams) unless dozens more prospective owners. Once the league locks, I will push out a survey to all interested parties and work to begin subdividing each team into their first-year division. While we’re quite far out, I’ll try and group owners with similar draft availability together and assign the rest by random draw.


  • I need to know who is interested in being a sub-commissioner (I’ll helm the league writ-large, but each division will have someone in charge), so if you’re interested, DM me.

  • While the rules should be fairly simple (see one of my earlier posts), there’s other bits of input I need (Dues, Prizes, etc). This will all be covered in the survey, but if you have any suggested poll questions, DM me.

  • Keep recruiting- we need 15 more people to hit capacity

I’m mulling having each league run a slightly shorter season (11-12 weeks; 3 weeks of playoffs) in order to accommodate a league champions bowl to determine the true holder of the #FootClanTitle


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