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Fantasy Footballers Premier/Tiered League (Filled)


That defeats the purpose of the tiered league. The winner of the Prem is the champion of all leagues. If you’re in Teir 3 your goal is to get to the top teir and win that title.


It makes sense for year 1 since we are all essentially equal at this point.


Yes sorry. Agreed for the 1st year it’ll work, but for subsequent years doesn’t seem right.


Ok yeah that’d work super good.

12 team leagues.
11 games. Play everyone once.
Top 6 make playoffs.
Weeks 12-14 for the playoffs.

The 2 finalists and the 3rd place winner of each starter league can be the 12 teams for the first Tier 1 Season.

Weeks 15-16 are the semi-finals and finals.

Premier Champion gets to choose his draft position for next years Tier 1 Draft.


I see things have worked themselves out without me! But, yes, it would only be for that first season. The only question will be the execution. The three options as I see them are:

A) You keep your existing team for the final four/championship
B) You do a head to head redraft with your opponent
C) You do a head to head DFS

Obviously, we have plenty of time to figure this out.


@ BDMedema I’d say keep the existing team. I don’t like the idea of putting in 15 weeks of work for it to not matter cause the final is a different format.

It’d be interesting to play against an opponent who might have some of the same players.


Definitely keep the same team. You gotta win with who got you there.


4-Tier Promotion Concept



Yes. Exactly that.


DFS Tournament Variant:

Essentially the winner of the FootClan Cup (Supplementary DFS tournament- structure under construction) would receive priority for promotion over any team that doesn’t either 1) Win the Division Regular Season, 2) Division Champion, 3) Most Points For. Teams that got in via 2nd or 3rd place regular season finish would be put into tie-breaking groups, with 3rd-place promotions being bumped first and, if there are none of those, a 2nd place team. Tie breaking criteria would be 1) Pts for, 2) record, 3) playoff round reached, and 4) Coin-flip(s).

If all 12-teams promote on the automatic criteria, the DFS winner will be placed in Tier-2 and given the 1st pick in next year’s draft.

I’ll put this concept to a vote, but, in the spirit of copying soccer, this seems like the right way to do it.



@BDMedema Each Tier could have it’s own league fees and payouts. Keep the guys that get bumped into those low tiers something to play for.

Could try something where you can win the most money in Tier 4, but obviously Tier 1 is where the most skilled players are, so it kind of balances out the Tiers in terms of enjoyment?

I know if I was at the least 3 years away from the the Top League, Id take solace knowing I have a bigger prize pool to play for as well as promotion.

And as you rise in the tiers, the skill level increases but the cash prize decreases? Like earlier, it makes the sting of relegation not so terrible.

I bring it up only because there’s maybe a risk of some owners in the lower two tiers to not want to put in what could be years to get to the top Tier, and replacing owners every year would be a drag.

Just some ideas.


One last bit of Excel Sheet insanity for today. This is my template for the #FootClanCup.

  • Group Stage: 6-week double round robin (Weeks 1-6)
  • 3rd Place Tiebreaker Week (3rd Place Teams placed into 4 pools of 3. Top two teams advance out of a one week battle royale) (Week 7)
  • Round of 32 (Weeks 8-9)
  • Round of 16 (Weeks 10-11)
  • Quarter Finals (Weeks 12-13)
  • Semi-Finals (Weeks 14-15)
  • FootClan Cup (Week 16)




Joined up. Exactly what I’m trying to do in Minnesota. www.mnsuperleague.com if you want to steal some ideas.


Just posted about the league in the mailbag thread so hopefully we’ll get a bump from that


Updated Rule Set. Still need to integrate the Foot Clan Cup into the promotion scheme (written) for season’s beyond year 1.


I would be interested.


Use this link but hurry- only two spots left. If somehow demand gets to the point of another twelve wanting in (after these spots are filled) I’ll consider a 5th division. Otherwise, we’ll form a waitlist.

Since we’re about to fill up, expect an email tomorrow with a survey link. I’ve had a few volunteers, but if you’re interested in being a commissioner, let me know. I’m also very much in favor of each division having someone chronicle their progress. If we’re going to be the best Foot Clan league, we might as well go all out.



I’m willing to join as well hopefully. Nbull.afsi@gmail.com


I would absolutely love to get involved in this league if there are any spots left. ryanreitsma@gmail.com