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Fantasy Footballers Premier/Tiered League (Filled)


On the off chance we need to go 5 tiers deep, here’s the plan.


Hi there, I have just signed up, would there still be space in this if you are going to a 5 division?


10 spots as of posting. If we don’t fill, you’ll be in the waitlist for next year.


This promotion system seems overly-complicated.


The first year sorting is inherently a pain. Just trying to maximize how much people get to play. Virtually every team will be fighting every week for Tier placement.


Oh these charts are just to sort out who goes where? So year 2 on will be top two getting promoted?


Likely top 3 or 4 to encourage high turnover and competitiveness. I’ve been running a smaller version for several years and that’s what works best.


Okay I was confused and thought everyone would be switching divisions every year


So we are currently 51 teams (4.25 divisions if you will). I’m going to cut off sign-up at 60 or on July 1st- whichever comes first. In the case of the latter, any teams between 49-59 will be added to the waitlist.

Front end organization is going to take some work, so I’d prefer to have the owners locked in sooner rather than later.

I’ll release the annual promotion scheme soon.


Promotion Scheme for year two and beyond. Foot Clan Cup winner goes straight to the premier; everyone else bumps accordingly.


And the updated #FootClanCup with 60 teams accommodated.


if you still need people i would play t.hall2226@gmail.com


Sign up using the google sheet please


We have hit capacity- good work Foot Clan. I’ll be finalizing the base rules and publishing a few things in a more consolidated manner shortly.

Expect an email from me with a survey regarding a few league issues.

As stated before, if you want to be a commissioner, let me know- I need 5 deputies.


Updated Rule Set


What is the purpose of tiers? I understand y the 60 teams need to b in tiers for drafting purposes. But y the movement from year to year? will there be one champion of all the tiers? Thanks, denny.


So the first year is basically just a giant scramble to get sorted (horizontal)

From year 2 on, it becomes a vertical structure, where you are trying to move up to the top and/or not move down to lower tiers.

As for a single champion, the premier league winner will be the “league champion” (the first year we’ll use a small, separate event to decide the overall champion) alongside the “footclan cup” winner.


Great sounds fun


Wow, you put a lot of work into this. So awesome.


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