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Fantasy Footballers Premier/Tiered League (Filled)


Thanks. Former Army Officer and current law clerk/law student.

I like rules, structure, Microsoft excel, and fantasy football.


On the subject of internal updates (from the email) would anyone want to run a twitter account for the league? I have an account for my team, just to make it more like an NFL team. www.twitter.com/BeersFFC


Completed the survey.

To me, the question of who else should get paid besides the division winners is largely dependent on the amount of buy-in. Theoretically I think paying weekly high scorers is a good idea because it encourages ongoing involvement even to those that have little or no chance of making the playoffs.

That being said, I personally am used to playing for considerably more than 20 bucks. Now I’m happy to play for that or less, but there’s only so much to go around. So on my survey I said no to weekly winners but the higher the buy-in, the more likely I am to change that answer.


Do we have a website yet?


Good question and one I considered when drafting the survey.

Depending on where the buy-in lands will dictate how the money can be spread. Whatever the results are, I’ll put together a few proposals for pay-out and we can vote from there.


Totally down if you need more to fill out a league warren.falconer@gmail.com

Rather if anyone drops before things get started I would love to get on a waiting list


Yeah, definitely interested if spots open up (or it’s expanded).



Interested in being on the waitlist as well Brian M moranbc@gmail.com

Thanks for putting in all of that work!


I hope you have room! I am very interested in this. The email is bigspence6697@gmail.com
Fantasy Football runs my life sometimes


I’m down


At the this point I have to poll the field and see if 72 is acceptable more to come gents.


Poll is in the field. I’ll make an announcement once I have sufficient results.


if there is still room, count me in. thanks!


please tell me theres room lol :sweat_smile: k0lok0yboi@yahoo.com


I would be down to do this if there’s still room shoot me a PM. Or email. Joshuabaird757@yahoo.com


@dsorin @justin_fortuno @VolDog89 @simon_huerena @BigSpence @BosBillsFan @SnugglePirate @wfalconer

If you want to be added to the wait-list, sign-up at the link below. Can’t make any promises as the decision to expand or not will be made by the league soon.


I’d like to sign up but I’m not finding the edit option to add my info


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Ok. I think I did it right? New to google docs.


IF we add a sixth division, this is the tentative scheme. That said, I’m debating proposing a slightly different variant.


I’d be interested as well. irt9206@yahoo.com