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Fantasy Footballers Premier/Tiered League (Filled)


It’s not a serious league unless there are 120 teams


I don’t get out of bed for less than 300


Good god, your organization skills and the application of those skills is outstanding. That being said, it’s so beyond me now, and I’m just gonna blindly follow because this league is gonna be flipping awesome.


I second that Ryan


I appreciate all of the positive feedback.

One concern I have is decreased investment if a team has one bad season and is stuck in Tier 6- with 5 seasons needed to get to the top. Attached is my proposal for a parallel league structure that will do two things: 1) a team can make it to the Premier in 2 years and 2) a Tier 3 team can make the Premier league.

I’ll put it to a vote in good time.


Also, this is my proposed pay-out structure. Incorporates lots of goodies. This will also be put to a vote.

Note: Only applies to year 1


updated my email on the list


I’ve never done one of these before but man does it sound awesome lol. Jaytmiller22@gmail.com I’m in.


I’m in, mott.zilla@yahoo.com


Sounds like a fantastic idea! I added my email to the waiting list. hoping we can expand!


Any news on the league being expanded to 72 teams?


Foot Clan-

In a narrow vote, the yes’ have it. We will expand. Over the next week or two, I’ll reach out to those who have offered their services as commissioners and start getting things together. There will be an email as well, but I plan to put together the Bonjour division for those (litearlly) un-American foot clan members who don’t want to draft at an unGodly hour. If you are one of our foreign fans (Canada, you don’t count- sourry) please let me know so that I can place you accordingly.

Thanks for your patience- I’m working on a few projects outside of this one and have been showing them love.



Not sure if there is still places but Kurtdiepraam@gmail.com if there is thanks :wink:


You’re doing an outstanding job, my name is on the waitlist. If you need another experienced Commissioner let me know!


Please add yourself to the waitlist.

@BosBillsFan @jaytmiller22


Add me mott.zilla@yahoo.com


I took myself out of slot 62 so there’s an opening. Have fun with this fellas!


Need two more- anyone know any foot clan members who want in?


I will play. ryanblackfilm@gmail.com


We need a catchier name for the entire League. The Division names are good, but Fantasy Footballers Tiered League doesn’t roll off the tongue.