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Fantasy Footballers Premier/Tiered League (Filled)


Put me down for a spot!!! PLEASE!!! email me at patchell1984@gmail.com


I think the The #FootClanLeague


I’m definitely on board if a spot is still open. Plainoleric@yahoo.com


I’m interested as well if any spots open up. Let me know at tomcaveny@gmail.com



Alright everyone- I appreciate your patience. I’ll hopefully have the email with your division assignments soon. In the interim, I have some goodies: The placement structure and payout structure (footclan cup layout to come). Also, lets hope the ballers weigh in on division names.

Of note: Yes, the payout is $5 short- that will go in the trophy/shipping fund.

Changes: I made the year 2 placement more straightforward (top 3, top 2 plus champ, or Champ, Footclan Cup winner, and Top 1- then the next 3 for each division). I made the year 2+ movement a lot more aggressive (Tier 3 champions automatically go to premier, Tier 4 super bowl winner goes to Premier, etc)


How do you move from B to A in a tier?


A and B aren’t different- completely parallel. If you want to get all Futurama on me, Premier A and Premier 1. Ha.


i would like to join this league if it comes to be. cghtincrossfire@yahoo.com