Fantasy Keeper Decision

I Have the decision to choose 4 keepers, The notable players on my team are Kyler Murray, Saquon Barkley, Jonathan Taylor, Josh Jacobs, and Miles Sanders. I have made the decision of keeping 3/5 players listed so far but im torn on who I should keep between Jacobs and Sanders. Currently im swinging towards Jacobs, I wanna hear some other opinions about this before I come to a conclusion on who to keep

Are there rounds attached to players? If so, this depends on the round attached to them.

If round doesn’t matter, I personally am not a fan of either of these players.

LV brought in Drake for the passing work, even though Jacobs came into the league known for his receiving abilities. In additin to that, LV got rid of their decent O-Linemen last year to make the O-Line even worse than it was. I just dont trust what the LV front office is doing.

Sanders has issues staying healthy and he now has a Jalen Hurts problem. I fully believe Hurts will vulture a ton of work and scoring opportunities from Sanders.

I would slightly lean Jacobs just because he will getthe bulk of the rush work, but I have little confidence in him this year.