Fantasy Keeper Trade

I am in a 5 player keeper league (non-ppr scoring). My record is 3-7 and I am playing for next year.

The trade offer on the table right now is:
I trade - AJ Green, Leveon Bell, Wayne Gallman, and Latavius Murray
I receive - Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Devin Funchess, and Bilal Powell

I am leaning toward taking it because I am building for next season. I also have Antonio Brown, Michael Crabtree, Dion Lewis, and Jamaal Williams on my squad so I was hoping to grab some more strength at RB for next year. Thoughts?

I would take that trade

So if you don’t do the trade, your keepers are (in my top down order):
Dion (maybe)

If you do the trade:

I’d probably do it, I’m not convinced that Kamara will outperform AJ next year tho, so it’s close.

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That’s kinda what I was thinking too. I am just very afraid of the Patriots backfield so. Alvin has seemed to be more than capable of being valuable alongside Ingram. Hunt had a great start but has tapered off and I don’t know how Ware will impact his value next year. Funchess is looking to be the number 1 in Carolina.

Giving up Bell is scary though because I am giving up a guaranteed workload. AJ is a stud too, but the Bengals offense has been so shaky and Dalton has not inspired much confidence in his value on a consistent basis.

I would be opting for a much younger team with the addition of Funchess and two Rookie RBs though.

Yeah, and honestly this might be the peak year to trade lev bell. History would say sustained success for RBs only lasts so long…now he’s an elite talent and could be doing this until he’s 30, but the odds don’t favor that.

For what it’s worth, Kamara is in store for some serious TD regression at some point too.

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I would do it. Hunt will be there a long time and stay involved. Bell MAY be somewhere else next year and with a new QB even if he stays in Pittsburg which means box stacking. I think Kamara is legit as well as Hunt.