Fantasy payout

Just wanted to get a feeling for what people believe is an appropriate amount of time to receive your payout. Last year the person in charge of the paying out didn’t reach out to the winners and they didn’t receive their money until the day of the next years draft.

This year I am in charge of paying out. I have reached out to all winners via a group and individual texts. Telling them I can PayPal the money or meet up and pay them cash. I have only heard back from 1 of the 4 payees. It really isn’t difficult to at least respond to the text.

I am contemplating texting them back on New Years and saying if I don’t hear from them by the end of the Super Bowl that I will be donating their winnings to a local animal shelter. I will keep the receipts for them for their tax purposes.

What are you thoughts. I feel I have tried enough already to reach out to them. I reached out the season winners at the end of the season. I reached out to the Playoff winners at the end of the day yesterday as the Championship has been decided. All the people that responded to the group text were the non-winners.

Why not just paypal them the winnings? Is it because you do not have their paypal information?

It’s a pretty busy time of year so maybe that’s the reason? I’d give it some time considering the Holidays and New Year.

I’ve paid out one (via PayPal) of the four winners. 2 of the other 3 didn’t respond to the text message chain. The 3rd that did respond all of a sudden stopped responding when I mentioned I want to payout ASAP. This league has had issues with getting people paid out on time previously (not by me). IDK why these guys are like this, but this is likely my last year in the league so I want the money out of my hands. I plan on giving them time. I will hit them up again this week and tell them I will give them one more reminder in mid-January. I want to pay out no later than the SB, otherwise I will donate them money to a local animal shelter, they will receive a warning about this.

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We usually have a year end meetings during one of the real NFL playoff weeks and pay out in person and do year end awards, pick draft order for next year, discuss rule changes, etc.

In this day and age there really is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to paypal someone almost immediately. We pay per move so we actually have to collect some additional money from players at end of year.

I’ve been trying to get something like that going for years. Basically I feel there is no excuse for this and not responding to texts.

Sooner is better. If its a close match up you wait until thursday morning after the final match up to ensure stat corrections dont flip a win. Otherwise they should be paid out ASAP. fwiw all of the payments for the leagues I play in or commission have been paid out now (Thursday)