Fantasy Playoffs: Julio Jones or Joe Mixon?

Hey Footclan, I could use some advice.

I am in a non-ppr, standard scoring league.

I currently have Julio Jones at my flex spot and have been offered to trade him for Joe Mixon.

I am essentially locked into the playoffs, so building the best fantasy playoff roster is my primary goal. My other WRs are Adams and OBJ, and my other RBs are Fournette and Chubb.

So, would you rather have Julio or Mixon at your flex for the fantasy playoffs?

Julio stand pat with your roster you’re set

Julio is just getting it going, whereas the bengals are faultering a bit. Saying that, the schedule eases and AJ is returning. I’d be ok with either, but would lean Jones

I think I lean Jones here. He’s got a TD in 3 straight and seems like he’s just started rolling. I like your 3 wrs so stick with what you got.

Thanks all, great points. The real debate I have been having with myself is if AJ Green comes back, is Mixon gonna pop off when he plays the Raiders and Browns.

But the Falcons are gonna be fighting to make the actual playoffs and Julio is rolling.

It’s definitely possible. I love Joe Mixon, but the Bengal’s ineptitude and their tendency to disappear every once in awhile makes me lean Julio. Mixon will have the occassional 50-60 yard game just due to the Bengals laying an egg. I like Julio’s consistency and upside.