Fantasy Playoffs: Julio Jones or Melvin Gordon?

Hey Footclan, I could use some advice.

I am in a non-ppr, standard scoring league.

I currently have Julio Jones at my flex spot and have been offered to trade him for Melvin Gordon.

I am essentially locked into the playoffs, so building the best fantasy playoff roster is my primary goal. My other WRs are Adams and OBJ, and my other RBs are Fournette and Chubb.

So, would you rather have Julio or Gordon at your flex for the fantasy playoffs?

Gordon and it’s a pretty easy decision imo. Anytime you can get a similar tier rb opposed to a similar receiver do it. Especially non-ppr.

Thanks toasty, I appreciate the consistent input!

No problem! I do love Julio though so you can’t go wrong either way.