Fantasy Playoffs Wild Card Spot?

Hey Footclan,

So i commish a 12 team redraft league, weve been going back a fourth on the issue of how many teams make playoffs, now this is a hometown more casual league, we wanted to reward the top seed or 2 (with byes or something) but we also didnt want to limit the playoffs to just 6 of the 12 teams. So i came up with the idea to have 7 playoff teams where the top 6 seeds are based on h2h record (Total Points for as tiebreaker) and then the 7th seed would be a wild card spot being awarded to the team from the remaining 6 teams with the Most Total Points For on the season.

Playoff matchups would still be 1 v bye, 4 v 5, 3 v 6 and 2 v 7(Wild Card spot) and then after the 1st round the 1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed.

Just wanted to know if you guys think this is a good idea or not.



I like the idea myself, I like adding the team with the most total points in somehow, even if they didn’t have a good record. I might have to use this idea !

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I think it’s fine but it doesn’t matter what we think. Discuss it with your league and bring it to a vote, that’s really the only answer here.

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I am typically not a fan of odd number teams making the playoffs, I would two top 5 teams in the standing make the playoffs and the 6th spot goes to the highest points scored of the remaining teams and top 2 seeds getting a bye. But hey, if you and your league like it go for it.

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So thats the issue the league is split on 6 or 8 teams so i thought this was a good compromise and also we only have 1 division not 2 so basically we reward the regular season champ with the #1 seed and a bye and then whoever gets the wildcard slot would have the toughest road to the championship because they would play the 2 seed 1st round and if they beat the 2, then in the 2nd round they gotta play the 1 seed. And i agree i typically wouldnt like an odd team but i felt 8 teams was too much being 2/3’s of the league to make playoffs.